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Drug Crimes in Las Vegas

Many people might have the belief that “anything goes” in Las Vegas.If you ask the local people who live there, then you would come to know that this simplyisn’t true.Judges take the drug arrest cases very seriously despite Las Vegas being known as “Sin City”. In fact, Nevada has some of the toughest drug laws in the nation.Felony drug convictions not only carry Nevada State Prison terms and high fines. But if you are booked having any narcotics offense in your criminal record, then it could keep you from gaining or keeping employment too.

In Nevada it’s a felony offense possessing any amount of drugs such as cocaine or methamphetamine. In many jurisdictions a nominal amount of any illegal substance such as cocaine can also be charged as a misdemeanor. Someone possessing as little as 4 grams of cocaine or methamphetamine, can be booked under trafficking offense and the punishment is prison stay. The approach of Las Vegas law enforcement officers is far from “anything goes” when it has to do with drug crimes.

Many times people get charged with drug crimes because they make a bad choice for a short period of time. Unfortunately due to this they have to suffer for a much longer period of time. Aside from prison or jail time, people are often required to pay large fines. Unfortunately for these individuals, when this happens they may lose licenses or privileges that can destroy not only their social status, but also their ability to earn a living.

Suppose you have been charged with first-time narcotics possession for personal use in Nevada. There is a chance the whole case can get dismissed if you do Drug Court in Las Vegas, NV. It consists of a drug education class or rehabilitation program. However possessing narcotics with the intent to sell them can potentially carry long prison terms. In some circumstances drug transportation can qualify as trafficking. Trafficking drugs carries very harsh penalties. Even if you have no drugs in your possession, being "high" is a criminal offense in itself. It is a common misconception that DUIs involve only drunk driving. You actually face the same penalties for "drugged driving." It is illegal to possess, sell, distribute, make, or advertise imitation drugs in Nevada.

Many tourist while on vacation get arrested in Las Vegas because of drug charges. Tourist often don’t know the Drug Charge rules and hence get caught up in the charge. Drug charges from a Las Vegas Nightclub can have legal complication beyond ordinary drug possession and other drug charges.

Therefore in order to help you go through the difficult area of law related to drug crimes in Las Vegas, you will surely need an experienced, well-informed and aggressive drug lawyer on your side to ensure that your case is treated fairly. A conviction for a drug related crime can have overwhelming consequences to an individual. Ourdrug defense attorneys have years of experience fighting drug charge cases. Depending on the case, we might get these charges lessened through a plea or dismissed at trial.

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